Who we are

Our video career started in 2014. Emissary officially started and gained its name in 2018. We have over 4 years of hands on, intense, real world experience. We have worked with some of Indy's biggest names such as Eli Lilly, Co-Alliance, Young at Heart Pharmacy, Ball State, and Vistage International. Maybe your business will be added to that list...

What we do

Marketing is cool. We love marketing. We especially love video marketing. In fact we love it so much we are on a mission to create the best videos for companies around Indy. So that's it. 

No, not really. That's not all. We don't cut corners like the other guys. We don't just make a video for you and take your money. We work side-by-side with you to create a long lasting brand for your business through video. We actively engage in analytics on past, current, and future videos to see what would work best for you. By taking the extra time to make sure we are creating a working brand, we create videos that will be relevant longer, be more effective, be more engaging, and ultimately be more profitable.

Okay so the marketing part is out of the way. Now let's talk about the less interesting stuff. It may be less interesting but it certainly is not less important. We're talking about in house videos. This is the stuff that your clients will most likely not see. This includes training videos, staff announcements, recap videos, live events, and so on. This is the bread and butter of our industry. We thrive on this stuff, which is good because we love doing this stuff. In this area we don't cut corners either. We work with you to ensure that the videos we are creating for you are effective and concise. No one wants to watch an entire uncut speaking event that they have already been to. We will cut out the boring parts. After all, Alfred Hitchcock once said "Cinema is life with the boring bits cut out" 

How we can help

To sum it all up, we offer the best prices, fastest turnaround time(faster money for you!) exceptional quality and service, custom videos and packages, and so much more! We wish we could tell you everything on this one webpage but we just can't. We can however have a phone call where we can talk more about YOU and what you are looking for. We could even grab coffee(don't worry...we'll pay) and we can talk more about how we can help. For now, why don't you go ahead and click below on that "let's talk" button.