Thanks for checking us out! You came to the right place! Emissary is a professional video service aimed at helping our clients to capture that very special day. We understand that photography is great, however pictures just can not capture the experience quite like video can. So why choose Emissary? We would like to give you six reasons why. 

        -First, We are a highly devoted team dedicated to capturing that special day with the least amount of stress possible. We understand how stressful your wedding day can be. To help you out, we make sure everything is taken care of before the big day so all you have to worry about is remembering to say "I do".

        -Second, we genuinely care about your wedding day. We know that while it can be stressful to plan a wedding, it can also be extremely exciting and satisfying. That is one of the reasons we love filming weddings. We love seeing all the joy and happiness of a wedding day. We also love capturing all that joy so you can watch and re-live it over and over again.

        -The third reason you should choose us is because of who we are. Emissary has a ton of video experience, both in weddings and corporate videos. If you don't believe us, check out the "Sample Videos" page to check out previous weddings.

        -The fourth reason is because we are extremely flexible with your schedule. Like we said, getting married can be very stressful. We will work around your schedule to make sure everything regarding video will be taken care of.

        -The fifth reason is because of how well we will be in contact. If you check out the "Contact Us" page, we will show you what we mean. We guarantee we will get back to you within 24-48 hours. In fact, we will be in touch from the first moment we get in contact until the day you receive your video. 

       -The sixth and final reason you should choose Emissary is because of how soon you will receive your videos. Because of our talents and experience in editing videos, we will make sure your video is exactly how you want it to be in the shortest amount of time possible. 

        So there you go! That is everything you should need to know about us! If there is anything else you would like to know about us, head on over to the "Contact Us" page. We would love to hear from you and possibly help you capture the most special day of your lives!